One of the most challenging aspects of the material handling industry is sorting. Santa Rosa Systems offers the most economical solution for high-capacity sortation of large parcels at 150 cartons per minute.

SRS High-Speed Swing-Arm Diverter

The SRS high-speed swing-arm diverter sorts a complete product range quickly and effectively without needing additional manual labor. This simple and robust system combines quality, expert engineering, and a heavy duty design to keep the flow of materials uninterrupted.


The SRS High-Speed Swing-Arm Diverter design provides a low-impact/high-performance motion to sort items without damage or disruption. Packages are justified along the same side as the diverter and as the diverter arm sweeps across the belt, the packages are displaced off the opposite side of the conveyer. This controlled motion is set using high-performance variable frequency drive with dynamic braking.


Santa Rosa Systems is dedicated to providing solutions which make your processes easier. Through unique and innovative design, SRS takes care of all the hard work and manufacture the entire system at our factory, then provide you with the complete solution ready to install with just four bolts.

Our pre-wired and pre-programmed motor is contained in a small enclosure, activated by a discrete signal from the integrator’s control system.


Quality is not a job, it is the culture of SRS based on efficiency, accountability and service. Santa Rosa Systems uses a unique one-piece molded all-composite diverter-arm which provides lower impact to packages, higher fatigue resistance, and longer service life when compared to metal or metal composite diverters.

Our unique sortation technology allows each diverter to operate independently, so if one is disabled, the entire system can continue to operate.

Additional Sortation Products:

Carton Aligner

Sets package orientation for de-coding and sorting. Options include customized dimensions and a vertical belt for gap sensitive applications.

Package Gapping System

Optimizes gaps between products to increase capacity and efficiency.

Activated Roller Belt Conveyors

These conveyors provide additional sortation capabilities including singulation, merging, and flow-splitting.