At the docks, the flow of parcels, pallets, and containers comes together. Santa Rosa Systems provides the solutions to load and unload line haul semi-trucks, regional delivery vans, and aircraft containers through the best in equipment and design. All of our systems load and unload various types of products safely, while providing maximum economy, productivity, ergonomics, flexibility, and damage reduction.


Intelligently designed powered loading equipment has the potential to reduce transportation cost through higher load density.


We provide cost-effective solutions without compromising quality, to keep loading and unloading efficient and economical.


Our powered-telescoping loading devices reduce the amount of walking required by operators, thereby increasing productivity. Our multi-use, extendable equipment can be used for both loading and unloading without the need for set-up and disassembly.


Powered height adjustment allows machines to be positioned to minimize the amount of lifting required, allowing greater control and reducing operator injuries.


Our innovative designs allow for both loading and unloading of parcels, pallets, or container loads, all from the same dock door.

Damage Reduction

Our powered telescopic belt conveyors eliminate back pressure, reducing the risk of products being crushed, pushed, or falling off the equipment.

Our Product Line

Belt Conveyors

We offer both single-stage and multi-stage telescopic belt conveyors for large and small operations. This fully motor-driven system provides faster loading and unloading with the flexibility to convey product into or out of trucks safely and efficiently.

Our systems come with an improved ergonomic design which improves working conditions by providing more control and minimizing the risk of injury. Our Articulating Boom Extension allows the packages to be presented directly in the ‘power zone’ of each operator.

The conveyor can extend or retract to allow access to the full length of the vehicle without manually carrying product. All our products come equipped with additional safety features such as a bumper switch and kill switch, guarded moving parts, finger guards, and non-rotating static roller ends.

Gravity Loaders and Unloaders

We offer effective low-cost solutions for loading and unloading anywhere, without the need for an electrical connection. This improved design maximizes productivity and reduces risk of injury. Available in either anchored or mobile configurations, including integral dock transition ramps.

Powered extension and retraction are optional, featuring a maintenance free gear motor with dual synchronized roller chains. This option maximizes operator load and unload rates. Several built-in safety features allow safe and easy operation.