Unique problems call for unique solutions. The talented and experienced team of engineers at Santa Rosa Systems is poised to meet complex design challenges. Santa Rosa Systems designs and manufactures custom equipment for a multitude of industries with the best in equipment solutions. With a strong foundation in high quality, reliability, and expert engineering, SRS meets the demand to support new and innovative product design and development.

Custom Solutions

Some of the custom solutions we’ve engineered for our clients include:

Beyond the Equipment

SRS provides more than equipment. From expert engineering to after sales support, customers have found that they can rely on solutions from SRS.


SRS can develop the required manufacturing drawings from customer information, or can fabricate from customer’s drawings.


We have the capabilities to meet your requirements from simple weldments to complex equipment and machines.


Our quality assurance team shadows each product from initial concept to ready-to-ship productive equipment.


We provide extensive training to bring all of your staff up to speed once the installation is complete. Training can be customized for either operators or mechanics.


We will provide complete after-sales support for your product as long as you own it. Technical advice and spare parts for preventative maintenance are available.

What is your material handling design challenge? Contact us today to discuss a custom solution.