Whether you are moving cargo by land, sea, or air, SRS has the solutions to maneuver, load, and unload cargo containers within your own sorting facility.

SRS provides several different cargo deck solutions to unload and move large cargo loads quickly and easily. Each cargo deck option is customizable based on specific dimensions and applications of the customer.

Ball Decks

A standard ball deck is designed to assist in moving, redirecting and orienting container loads. In large operations, ball decks manually transfer and move ULDs (Unit Load Devices.) SRS ball decks provide multi-directional movement for indoor applications and are designed to simplify installation and operations. The dimensions are completely configurable based on the needs of the customer.

Caster Decks

Caster Decks are a high performance , economical alternative in express operations and lighter weight ULDs. SRS provides multi-directional movement of containers to make it easier for staff to manipulate the load. Available for both indoor and outdoor applications, each caster deck is configurable to any dimension.

Roller Decks

SRS provides roller decks specifically designed for the staging of cargo containers. Each roller deck comes equipped for bi-directional movement, pop-up or flip-up container stops, and configurable dimensions. Roller decks are available for both indoor and outdoor applications.