The courier industry demands excellence in sorting and material handling. Santa Rosa Systems offers the most economical solution for high-capacity sortation of large parcels at 150 cartons per minute. This simple and robust system combines quality, engineering, and a heavy-duty design to keep the flow of materials moving uninterrupted.


Santa Rosa Systems provides the solutions to load and unload through the best in equipment and design. All SRS equipment is designed to distribute products safely, while providing maximum economy, productivity, flexibility, and efficiency. To increase safety, SRS provides lifts for stacking boxes on pallets at an ergonomic height and our extendable conveyors adjust for ergonomically loading and unloading trucks.


SRS provides several different cargo deck solutions to unload and move large cargo loads quickly and easily. Each cargo deck option is customizable based on specific dimensions and applications of the customer.

Industrial Manufacturing

The conveyors and custom solutions offered through SRS provide the complete solution for industrial manufacturing across the country. With a reliable, innovative conveyor network, SRS connects all of the necessary logistic processes with simplicity and flexibility.


SRS understands that every need is unique, and offers a complete line of custom solutions for the automotive industry. The talented and experienced team of engineers at Santa Rosa Systems is poised to meet complex design challenges. To keep safety and efficiency at the forefront of design, SRS provides turntables and tilters to allow operators to work more ergonomically.

Food & Beverage

For moving packaged good or cases of food items,  SRS has a conveyor solution to  suit unique industry needs. SRS can provide a gentle handling solution to ensure that your product is handled safely and effectively without damage.